Madonna’s Immaculate Collection

Madonna’s Immaculate Collection: The Tribute is taking audiences on an exhilarating journey to another musical stratosphere, and using the music of Madonna as our vehicle!  This show features 90 minutes of non stop hits with some of the most iconic songs ever recorded by the woman who dominated the charts from 1983 to the early 2000’s.  Madonna’s Immaculate Collection, produced by drummer and musical arranger Dan Sia, features lead vocalist Paige Strafella and The True Blue Horns who take the music of Madonna to another level.  Over 30 of Madonna’s greatest hits masterfully arranged and performed to evoke an indescribable energy and emotion!

Madonna’s Immaculate Collection appeals to both life-long Madonna fans and live music purists alike.  It’s a collaboration of the electronic sound pioneered by Madonna and the powerful punch of The True Blue Horns that will truly amaze audiences.  It’s a combination of old school meets new school!

The show is 90 minutes of pure energy, sincerity, humor, intimate moments, and more energy!  The greatest description given by a first time audience member at a Madonna’s Immaculate Collection concert was perfectly put:  “It was like the music of Madonna meets the band Chicago!”.

Madonna’s Immaculate Collection is perfect for any audience or venue and for those young or old.  From the stunning music to the beautiful costumes and from the interesting stories to the immersive and nostalgic production, Madonna’s Immaculate Collection takes you on a musical journey.

The show can be performed in various configurations:

-11 piece band (5 horns, 4 piece rhythm section, lead vocalist, 1 back up singer)

-5 piece band (4 piece rhythm section and lead vocalist)

-4 piece band (drums, bass, guitar and lead vocalist)

Madonna’s Immaculate Collection is a full production that includes all the bells and whistles from pre-show trivia video to custom music video elements during the show.  It’s truly an exciting and unforgettable production show.

Get ready to express yourself and have some fun with a Madonna Experience you won’t forget!

Review of Madonna’s Immaculate Collection by Las Vegas Tribune Journalist and LVTN Host Sandy Zimmerman:

 Madonna’s Immaculate Collection — the Tribute will surprise you! Producer/Drummer Dan Sia took a chance daring to build a version of Madonna’s show that will please both her fans and new followers.

Madonna’s Immaculate Collection — The Tribute is a small production show, featuring horns, band, singers and dancers and that is what makes it so special. Remember those wonderful big budget shows in early Las Vegas? There are not many left today. For a small production, Dan succeeds in conveying the feeling of a big production show!

Dan realized the significance of the 1980s and focused on recreating 30 of her greatest hits. Yes, 30 songs in one show! This tribute is not just a woman singing Madonna songs, this is an exciting tribute to the music of Madonna.